Whatever you need, we'll fix.

We develop strategy, create content and distribute.

A well-thought-out totality that puts you in a strong position in the competition for the costumers attention.

Advertising agency in Oslo.
Daniel Kragset
Regional Manager 41 00 99 56
Tobias Fjeldheim
Assistant to the Regional Manager 97 46 17 02
Are Næsset
Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager 98 47 55 51
  • You don't get mindless bobbleheads

    We do not uncritically say yes to suggestions and feedback without making an assessment ourselves.
  • Always-Available-Guarantee.

    Although we are not the largest company in terms of employees, we have dozens of skilled freelancers on speed dial who we have worked with many times and whom we trust. We will always be available to fix anything.
  • One stop shop.

    Video production from A-Z, video production from X-Z, websites, apps, branding, rebranding, portrait photos or pet photography.

    "We can fix anything always" we tend to say. Whether it's advanced 3D animation or a barbecue in Aunt Bessies garden.
  • Do you miss any info on our website?

    Do you have a quick question about marketing or social media? Call one of us for a casual talk about anything you want. We promise to not contact you multiple times with great offers in the following weeks.
We can create a strategy for your communication, so you get the best bang for the buck used on content.

We can help you make an assessment as to whether you should make a film or make a text post, and what you can do on your own.