Vipps EN

Vipps is possibly one of Norway's coolest workplaces (after North Stories). It is very inspiring to see a genuine tech company being creative and thinking outside the box, as close as we have been allowed to do.

We have done several jobs for Vipps made for internal use that we cannot show, but below you can see a couple of videos we have made for external marketing.

Bilia EN

Bilia is one of the customers we have gotten to know through the collaboration with the national cross-country team.

They have given us the opportunity to fulfill every young filmmaker's dream of making commercials with cool car rigs out in the nature.

Bolt EN

More info coming soon...

Huawei EN

Huawei is a company we have become quite a fan of since we started working with them. The company we thought only made phones is actually an important research-driven tech company that makes a lot more than phones.

For Huawei Norway, we have created both social media content and Employer Branding.

Norges Skiforbund EN

As a partner with the world's best ski team, we hope to gain experience from being world champions. We are now in our third season and it is with great pleasure that we can show a number of productions together with their skilled people, both for the teams themselves and their partners.

The Skiforbundet partner family offers a great opportunity to produce better content that captures their target audience.

Circle K EN

Circle K is a company we have been able to work with through the agency Sl├Ąger.